The Imperfect Disciple

February 18, 2021 This collection is a series of occasional posts. Anticipated inaugural post scheduled for Easter weekend, April 4, 2021. Moving through the articles will encourage spiritual discovery focusing on the incompleteness of following Christ. This color-banner and photo will be in use throughout 2021, distinguishing TID posts from the weekly Friday pages. GraceContinue reading “The Imperfect Disciple”

Spiritual Puzzling for 2021

Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 11 As always, please the Scripture passage first and maybe even, again at the end of reading the post. You don’t want to be lost or lured into the inadequacies of my mind or any else’s. My confession: Numerous passages in the Bible leave me puzzling. Three puzzles always show upContinue reading “Spiritual Puzzling for 2021”

Drink Deeply Thirsty Souls

Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 7 I encourage you to read the Scripture passage prior to pondering the post. The best of television in my home, possibly yours as well, reveals deep-ocean waters teaming with life. Miles beneath the sun-lit surface, living in near total darkness, abundant creatures move through the depths. Some draw life fromContinue reading “Drink Deeply Thirsty Souls”

Drink Deeply Thirsty Souls

Coming Friday, December 18, 2020 Being aware of your thirst is not a curse–it is a blessing. These are dry times and apparently there are more parched days to come. Sustaining life, family, work and spiritual awareness calls for good hydration. I look forward to completing the post and sharing it with you. As always,Continue reading “Drink Deeply Thirsty Souls”