Christian Spirituality and Justice

February 12, 2021 Scripture Resource Passages: Isaiah 1 and Psalm 82 George made the assertion, Marjorie hesitated. He said, “I believe justice resides at the very heart of life. It’s as much a part of our world as earth, air, fire and water.”             Marjorie replied, “If that’s true, then justice is part of God’s workContinue reading “Christian Spirituality and Justice”

Opportunity Seized, During Virus Saddened Days

November 21, 2020 Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 3–please be sure to read the Resource Passage What does spiritual opportunity look like when it suddenly appears? Who is knocking at Heaven’s door? More importantly: Who is knocking at my door? Heaven’s symphony responds to the rapping with thunderous sounds. Disciples are loudly cautioned to avoid temptation’sContinue reading “Opportunity Seized, During Virus Saddened Days”