An Amputated Soul

Scripture Resource Passage: John 21:20-24             Disconnected. An amputated soul—as in a cut-off arm or leg. If the limb is gone, it is gone—disconnected.              Peter (a close follower of Jesus) disconnects himself, when he presumes to know more than he knows—thinking he understands more than he understands. Amputated—please read today’s Scripture Resource Passage with care (JohnContinue reading “An Amputated Soul”

Silence in Times of Turmoil?

Scripture Resource Passage: Esther 4                         Dynamic timing draws disciples into decisive decisions, leading to spiritually direct determinations. Desperate occasions also demand deliberate development as disciples’ discern God’s leading.              These are truths operative in the twenty-first century even as they were in the days of Esther, Mordecai, Haman and King Xerxes. Make no mistake, Esther’s storyContinue reading “Silence in Times of Turmoil?”