The Hallelujah Chorus

Coming Friday, January 22, 2021–a new post emphasizing the transitory nature of evil. We make no mistake when we acknowledge evil’s true presence. We make a profound error when we assume life as it is now, is what life shall always be. I look forward to completing the post and reading your comments. Stay encouraged.Continue reading “The Hallelujah Chorus”

Spiritual Puzzling for 2021

Coming Friday, January 1, 2021 Please accept my invitation to gain puzzling-perspective amid persistent particular problematic potentials for the New Year. Lest I forget: Thank you for improving the posts and the site itself by joining into the conversation with your comments. Though we’re limited to an online community I trust you’ll find strong encouragementContinue reading “Spiritual Puzzling for 2021”

Leadership with Instructions

If you are just joining this series, reviewing the previous week’s blog posts will orient you to this mid-point pause of reflection. Thank you for reading! As conductor Peter’s leadership role is responding to the composer’s composition. His task features the necessity of guiding orchestra members in a faithful presentation—a performance. As a conductor he acceptedContinue reading “Leadership with Instructions”

Flowers on the Wall?

           Scripture Resource Passage: Hebrew Bible, Nehemiah 1-11 You ask, “Why read the Old Testament books?” Thanks for asking.              The books are the only Bible Jesus ever read.              And the stories are compelling. The truths are startling. There is brutal daunting punishment. The earthy and graphic stories are also ones Jesus would have heard.              I choose toContinue reading “Flowers on the Wall?”

Special Weekend Edition; Spirituality in the Public Arena

Resource Scripture Passage: “…we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5). Providing a resource into the broad world of spirituality–across many faith-perspectives–Duke University has an excellent resource-media site which also happens to be available without charge. Please don’t miss this as a resource–though an individual issue of CROSSROADS mayContinue reading “Special Weekend Edition; Spirituality in the Public Arena”

Raising Parents

Scripture Resource Passage: Ephesians 6:2  by Brooky Brown Sarah was conflicted. She was excited, happy, and feeling more than a little guilty. She had done the unthinkable. She’d fallen in love at age 70 after being single for more than 25 years following her divorce. The single life afforded her the opportunity to move backContinue reading “Raising Parents”

Spiritual Awareness in Dangerous Times

Scripture Resource Passage: Esther 9                   Violent plots, angry words lead to a deadly hanging: may not be what you had in mind when reading today’s Resource Scripture Passage. Friends, the Book of Esther is not a gentle pat-on-the-head from a Grandfather God. The words scream, describing the foul profanity of anticipated mass murder.                    Esther’s bookContinue reading “Spiritual Awareness in Dangerous Times”

Spiritual Awareness in Dangerous Times

Coming Friday, July 24, 2020 Friends, thank you for sharing the site information with your online communities. Welcome to the newest readers–glad you found the site. The studies and resources in each of these postings are available without charge for your personal use and in small group settings. Previous postings remain accessible for your reviewContinue reading “Spiritual Awareness in Dangerous Times”

An Amputated Soul

Scripture Resource Passage: John 21:20-24             Disconnected. An amputated soul—as in a cut-off arm or leg. If the limb is gone, it is gone—disconnected.              Peter (a close follower of Jesus) disconnects himself, when he presumes to know more than he knows—thinking he understands more than he understands. Amputated—please read today’s Scripture Resource Passage with care (JohnContinue reading “An Amputated Soul”

Silence in Times of Turmoil?

Scripture Resource Passage: Esther 4                         Dynamic timing draws disciples into decisive decisions, leading to spiritually direct determinations. Desperate occasions also demand deliberate development as disciples’ discern God’s leading.              These are truths operative in the twenty-first century even as they were in the days of Esther, Mordecai, Haman and King Xerxes. Make no mistake, Esther’s storyContinue reading “Silence in Times of Turmoil?”