Time for Justice

Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 20:7-15 continued encouragement to read and reflect on the Resource Passage before working on the post             The time of justice must come.  The battle of the ages broods in Revelation 20. “Lord, have mercy,” will be the resounding cry.  Mercy for some, judgment for others will rule the day.             Revelation 20 forecasts God’sContinue reading “Time for Justice”

Persistence Persists

Faith’s Heartbeat Scripture Resource Passage: Nehemiah 7             I thought persistence during a pandemic was going to be the source of disruption and the leading news story for 2020. Tonight (as I shape these sentences) riots continue in the streets of North America. Anger flows like a swollen river across cities as supposedly aggrieved citizens burn,Continue reading “Persistence Persists”

Coping Resources for Reflection and Action

Scripture Resource Passage: 1 Peter 3:15 Delivering Hope—Across the world’s spectrum people are having spiritual conversations. Today’s tragedies, including the onset of a virulent virus, ought not be diminished. This is a time which invites disciples to listen well, and when asked, offer clear perspectives on spiritual values. Listening first, remains the emphatic rule forContinue reading “Coping Resources for Reflection and Action”