So Many Names; A Gracious Invitation

Resource Scripture Passage: Nehemiah 12, in the current Thoughtful Study Series Reading some portions of the Hebrew Bible—the Old Testament—may leave you wondering, “Why are so many historical details considered sufficiently important to be included as holy writ?” This is a great question. Thanks for asking.  The expansive range of Scripture’s teaching moves from theContinue reading “So Many Names; A Gracious Invitation”

No Unimportant People

Together and Working Resource Scripture Passage: Nehemiah 3       “What’s the scariest part of a meeting?” William and Susan were discussing an invitation from friends who are Christians.             Susan replied, “For me the scary part happens when they start opening their Bibles. I don’t know where all those books are found. If I look like I’mContinue reading “No Unimportant People”