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Action and Reflection

During decades of work in local churches and with non-profit groups I’ve strongly advocated an active faith. Active does not mean crazy busy–running around with whatever is the current passion of the day. I’m deliberate in reviewing my personal actions while also paying attention to those around me. Please subscribe, using the Christian Spirituality page. Typically a weekly blog is published on Fridays–welcome to the conversation.

Currently writing and speaking as appropriate opportunities occur.

Writing: Nearing completion of a 12 week emphasis on Spiritual Direction for individuals and small groups.

Speaking: Occasionally I provide direct support by leading for churches in and adjacent to northern Indiana.

Yes, I’m an old guy. I’ve been around churches in the rural country-side (small and medium size), suburbs (medium size) and a church plant which began in a strip mall, eventually becoming a landed-congregation. Amazing experiences–deep learning with profound challenges and spiritual discernment occurred along the way. The non-denominational denomination which trained, mentored and employed me was the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Yes, it is confusing, this group of churches; but God’s people have often been confusing–at least to me. Thankfully, God remains sovereign and certain.

An added form of Spiritual Care

(2012-2017) I sought additional training and eventually employment to work with individuals and families struggling with addictions. My training occurred at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida and then the Indiana University Academic Health Center in Indianapolis, Indiana–Methodist Hospital, University Hospital and Riley Hospital for Children. This process led to being board certified as a chaplain through the Association of Professional Chaplains (BCC). I did not become an addiction specialist; however, I was employed as a Chaplain at the Level 1 Trauma Centers through which many addiction afflicted individuals received care. My last employment was with the Trinity Health System Saint Joseph PACE in Mishawaka, IN. I was privileged to work alongside an excellent team of professionals as the newly available model of senior care came into the northern Indiana market.


Trinity Evangelical Divinity School–D.Min.

Lincoln Christian Seminary–MDiv.

Atlanta Christian College–B.A.

PlainViews–online journal of Spiritual Care Association

Venice Gondolier–Columnist for the print newspaper in south Sarasota County, Florida

Very early in my work as a pastor denominational publications made use of my work.

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