Weekend Extra for Courage, Opposition, Fear

Continue discovering spiritual encouragement through the current Thoughtful Study Emphasis by investigating Hand Me Another Brick. Hand Me Another Brick: Building Character in Yourself and Others is available through numerous online sellers and on Kindle. Though published many years ago (1983) the resource is solid, timely and leads readers whose interests include spiritually based characterContinue reading “Weekend Extra for Courage, Opposition, Fear”

Unlikely to be Chosen

Scripture Resource Passage: John 1-7 Joachim the Extrovert and Roberto the Introvert             Yelling and screaming for three hours at the game—no wonder his throat feels like a rough-shod shoe. Words spoken evening’s after a game come out in a basso-sounding rumble. Before the 2020 pandemic shut down the game, Joachim stood with thirty thousand closeContinue reading “Unlikely to be Chosen”

An Amputated Soul

Scripture Resource Passage: John 21:20-24             Disconnected. An amputated soul—as in a cut-off arm or leg. If the limb is gone, it is gone—disconnected.              Peter (a close follower of Jesus) disconnects himself, when he presumes to know more than he knows—thinking he understands more than he understands. Amputated—please read today’s Scripture Resource Passage with care (JohnContinue reading “An Amputated Soul”

Rest, In Response to Fear

Scripture Resource Passages: Matthew 11:28-30 American poet Barbara Veech graciously consented to share these words. I am honored to provide them through the site. Pause and rest And notice shadowed patterns             On a leaf. Listen as the delirious mockingbird             Delights in each day. Breathe breezes blown             From far away. And…  Stop and rest And swayContinue reading “Rest, In Response to Fear”

Maturity Looks Like

            If Bill is a maturing disciple of Jesus, then we should expect to see Christ-like characteristics in his life. These traits of character would not be confined to his meetings with other disciples (whether in person or via video chats).              To Bill it would not make a difference whether individuals are male or female orContinue reading “Maturity Looks Like”

Just for you?

Resource Scripture Passage: John 20:19-29             Fear marked the gathering. Not everyone made to it the assembly point. They were meeting in the doorway’s shadow to death. Thus, they barred the door (John 20:19). They were keeping a wise social distance. Not because of a virus, though they were each infectious—tainted by the presence of the man fromContinue reading “Just for you?”

Inquisitive Child to World-class Philosopher

Scripture Resource Passage: Acts 17:16-34                    God uses scientific, philosophical and spiritual education in establishing pathways of communication. Perhaps, long ago and once upon two times it happened, just like this…                    Ara was a child prodigy. He was always talking about the stars. Many nights his family would find him sketching stars onto a smoothed section ofContinue reading “Inquisitive Child to World-class Philosopher”

Basics, Like Colors

Linda’s foundational learning began at home, as it should. She learned colors, numbers, the alphabet, animals and their voices, along with the names of a few shapes—these happened as she was prepared for kindergarten.              Kindergarten prepared her for elementary school, which as you would hope, led to middle and high school. Eventually, at the ageContinue reading “Basics, Like Colors”

Coping Resources for Reflection and Action

Scripture Resource Passage: 1 Peter 3:15 Delivering Hope—Across the world’s spectrum people are having spiritual conversations. Today’s tragedies, including the onset of a virulent virus, ought not be diminished. This is a time which invites disciples to listen well, and when asked, offer clear perspectives on spiritual values. Listening first, remains the emphatic rule forContinue reading “Coping Resources for Reflection and Action”

Easter, Together

Taking Our Stand Where Hope Can Be Found Jo-lynne’s life is real. She lives at a specific address. Her fingerprints are unique. Her needs are as wide as creation’s expanse. Her calls to God resound throughout Heaven’s court. We, as God’s people have an opportunity to respond. We have the opportunity this Resurrection season toContinue reading “Easter, Together”