Time for Justice

Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 20:7-15 continued encouragement to read and reflect on the Resource Passage before working on the post             The time of justice must come.  The battle of the ages broods in Revelation 20. “Lord, have mercy,” will be the resounding cry.  Mercy for some, judgment for others will rule the day.             Revelation 20 forecasts God’sContinue reading “Time for Justice”

Time for Justice

Coming Friday, November 13, 2020 an opportunity to reflect as we open the Book of Revelation as a Scripture Resource. Additionally, over the past year many weekly posts have been available for individuals and small groups. If you click the Category button, the site will typically link to previous posts on similar issues. Thank youContinue reading “Time for Justice”

Lasting Instructions

Scripture Resource Passage: 1 Thessalonians 5–this week’s challenging read and reflection. I trust you don’t find either as dry as dirt! Ibrahim said, “I had a teacher whose favorite summary was: ‘Finally, therefore and in conclusion….’ it drove me crazy but it helped me pay attention because I knew his instructions were going to be on theContinue reading “Lasting Instructions”

Political Faith

Scripture Resource Passage: Hebrews 12:14-29. I highly recommend you read the Scripture passage before reading the blog–just a thought. Earth’s hope resides in the truth Who is Messiah. Governments come and their governance passes away. Civilizations are built up, and then except for a few structures and possibly a potsherd or two, they almost disappear—theContinue reading “Political Faith”

Leadership with Instructions

If you are just joining this series, reviewing the previous week’s blog posts will orient you to this mid-point pause of reflection. Thank you for reading! As conductor Peter’s leadership role is responding to the composer’s composition. His task features the necessity of guiding orchestra members in a faithful presentation—a performance. As a conductor he acceptedContinue reading “Leadership with Instructions”

Spiritual Awareness in Dangerous Times

Scripture Resource Passage: Esther 9                   Violent plots, angry words lead to a deadly hanging: may not be what you had in mind when reading today’s Resource Scripture Passage. Friends, the Book of Esther is not a gentle pat-on-the-head from a Grandfather God. The words scream, describing the foul profanity of anticipated mass murder.                    Esther’s bookContinue reading “Spiritual Awareness in Dangerous Times”

Spiritual Awareness in Dangerous Times

Coming Friday, July 24, 2020 Friends, thank you for sharing the site information with your online communities. Welcome to the newest readers–glad you found the site. The studies and resources in each of these postings are available without charge for your personal use and in small group settings. Previous postings remain accessible for your reviewContinue reading “Spiritual Awareness in Dangerous Times”

Spiritually Filled Shrewdness

            Scripture Resource Passage: 1 Peter 2:25 Election season is upon us in America. We should ask: What’s leadership to do with being a disciple of Jesus?              Truth is, just as it was in first century days, leaders continue to dance our lives. Their music is not always pleasant. Their harshness can be caustic—burning souls nearby.Continue reading “Spiritually Filled Shrewdness”