The Imperfect Disciple

February 18, 2021 This collection is a series of occasional posts. Anticipated inaugural post scheduled for Easter weekend, April 4, 2021. Moving through the articles will encourage spiritual discovery focusing on the incompleteness of following Christ. This color-banner and photo will be in use throughout 2021, distinguishing TID posts from the weekly Friday pages. GraceContinue reading “The Imperfect Disciple”

The Source and Measure of Justice

Coming Friday, February 12, 2021 A conversation overheard during days of political turmoil and confusion. Thank you for checking in through I look forward to your comments and reviews on this week’s post and life applications. Your referrals and comments are helping build this online community of disciples and interested inquirers. Again, thank you.Continue reading “The Source and Measure of Justice”

The “P-word,” Accompanied with Deep Sighs

January 15, 2021 Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 18–this week’s post is meant to be read as an extension of the post from January 8, 2021. Comes The Kingdom, Justice Prevails Disciples of Jesus wait for God and make no mistake, the waiting will be arduous. But wait we must and the days include discipleship’s finalContinue reading “The “P-word,” Accompanied with Deep Sighs”

Drink Deeply Thirsty Souls

Coming Friday, December 18, 2020 Being aware of your thirst is not a curse–it is a blessing. These are dry times and apparently there are more parched days to come. Sustaining life, family, work and spiritual awareness calls for good hydration. I look forward to completing the post and sharing it with you. As always,Continue reading “Drink Deeply Thirsty Souls”


Weekend Extra Friends, this one is worth the read. I come across numerous resources and typically find the works of Lee Eclov resonating in my soul. I have learned to appreciate Mr. Eclov as a mentor at a distance. We have never met. I have never heard him speak, but the thoughts he assembles IContinue reading “God-Wrestler”

Mercy While Waiting Pregnantly

Scripture Resource Passage: Romans 8:22 Describing the pain of a woman near-term in pregnancy, with active-labor occurring, Scripture sets out the message of anticipation and struggle. Disciples have long pondered the signs of the Day when Christ returns—Scripture provides a hint.             Anticipating the hours prior to the Return: “For I am convinced that neither deathContinue reading “Mercy While Waiting Pregnantly”

Looking Within Your Soul

by D. Brent Sandy Ready for scalpel? Not so fast my friend—how did you come to the awareness that surgery was needed and might be helpful? Preparation: In our lives many of us have made a visit to a health-care facility for at least one of the following tests. An X-ray: beams of energy are sent throughContinue reading “Looking Within Your Soul”