Belief’s Heritage and the Divided Family

May 7, 2021 Scripture Resource Passage: Acts 16 Setting an example, establishing a pattern, following in the footsteps—each of these are descriptions in the heritage of belief. Fortunately, and greater than our genetic tendencies, there can be the blessed heritage of Christ. Families can be the practice-ground of faith. However, many families (certainly my own)Continue reading “Belief’s Heritage and the Divided Family”

Exhaustion & Restoration

Friends, this week exhaustion claims my mind. Not wanting to bore you and have you waste time reading a post minimally prepared I’m just reporting: exhaustion. I have a restoration plan for recovery. In the meantime, if you would like to read the Scripture Resource Passage of the upcoming post, please investigate and pray yourContinue reading “Exhaustion & Restoration”

Mercy While Waiting Pregnantly

Scripture Resource Passage: Romans 8:22 Describing the pain of a woman near-term in pregnancy, with active-labor occurring, Scripture sets out the message of anticipation and struggle. Disciples have long pondered the signs of the Day when Christ returns—Scripture provides a hint.             Anticipating the hours prior to the Return: “For I am convinced that neither deathContinue reading “Mercy While Waiting Pregnantly”

Raising Parents

Scripture Resource Passage: Ephesians 6:2  by Brooky Brown Sarah was conflicted. She was excited, happy, and feeling more than a little guilty. She had done the unthinkable. She’d fallen in love at age 70 after being single for more than 25 years following her divorce. The single life afforded her the opportunity to move backContinue reading “Raising Parents”

The Spirituality of Clothing

Scripture Resource Passage: Colossians 3:17                   The Johannsen family consists of Roberta who is a single mom and three adolescents. Rachel is thirteen, Ron is fifteen, and Robert is seventeen years of age respectively. Roberta acknowledges that encouraging spiritual values with her teenagers is a challenging process.                    Insightful and helpful spiritual wisdom for adolescents may comeContinue reading “The Spirituality of Clothing”