The Blessed Life

Images of Divinity While Enduring Flesh and Blood or, The Puzzling Puzzle of Discipleship Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 22 What could be more desirable? What greater eternal outcome could a disciple receive than the blessing? If you are bold, consider seeking God’s blessing; but be aware your journey may cross flood-stage rivers pounding you among the boulders.Continue reading “The Blessed Life”

Evil Does Not Persist

Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 20:7-10 A very important, though admittedly challenging passage. Please let me know what you make of it. During today’s troubling hours and in times to come, evil’s foulness will continue. We, the disciples of Christ Jesus sustain faith in many ways including our certain hope: Evil shall not persist!  Evil shallContinue reading “Evil Does Not Persist”

The Hallelujah Chorus

Coming Friday, January 22, 2021–a new post emphasizing the transitory nature of evil. We make no mistake when we acknowledge evil’s true presence. We make a profound error when we assume life as it is now, is what life shall always be. I look forward to completing the post and reading your comments. Stay encouraged.Continue reading “The Hallelujah Chorus”

God of Surprises; Beyond Exhaustion

Scripture Resource Passages: Luke 2 and Hebrews 12:1-2 Jesus has come! Hallelujah and Amen! Alpha and Omega moves toward humanity but without revelation’s thunder. Yes, He comes in the form of an infant. How odd of the God Who remains, the Lord of Surprises. Jesus arrives in a fashion we could not imagine. God providesContinue reading “God of Surprises; Beyond Exhaustion”

Drink Deeply Thirsty Souls

Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 7 I encourage you to read the Scripture passage prior to pondering the post. The best of television in my home, possibly yours as well, reveals deep-ocean waters teaming with life. Miles beneath the sun-lit surface, living in near total darkness, abundant creatures move through the depths. Some draw life fromContinue reading “Drink Deeply Thirsty Souls”

Let the Whole Earth, and Each Diminished Person, Hear His Voice

Scripture Resource Passage: Psalm 67 When your heart is hungry, screaming for soul-filling food, adding praise is an excellent nutritional strategy. Psalm 67 can enrich your spiritual diet—He Who is the Bread of Life resides here.  Psalm 67 encourages us to reflect that though the land of Israel is a small place God’s interest isContinue reading “Let the Whole Earth, and Each Diminished Person, Hear His Voice”

Let the Whole Earth and Each Diminished Person, Hear His Voice

Coming Friday, December 11, 2020 The vast strategy, beyond our knowing but available to see in part, is the spiritual heritage and strength of God’s people. Christmas comes with Good News for all. The whole earth, the broadness of the universe and then, little ole me. The precise care of God for the smallest amongContinue reading “Let the Whole Earth and Each Diminished Person, Hear His Voice”