Happy Happy

Thursday & Friday, November 24-25, 2022 Scripture Resource Passage: Philippians 4:4 From each of us in the United States to friends, readers and partners around the globe–Happy Thanksgiving! Life Application Question: Is there someone for whom you are thankful and have you told them lately? May the flag of Ukraine remind each of us thatContinue reading “Happy Happy”

Beyond Zombies

Friday, November 4, 2022 Scripture Resource Passage: Hebrews 12:1 “We come to cemeteries because they remind us of God; they help us make sense of our lives and our moments in time. The God of the universe has a plan, and looking upward to him keeps us grounded. But the slowly bending arc of eternityContinue reading “Beyond Zombies”

Whispers of Silence

Friday, October 7, 2022 Scripture Resource Passage: Luke 5:16 Isolated and alone. Panic? Or, just possibly a decisive spiritual intervention. Twelve hours without vibrating vocal cords. Feels like… No visitors. Deliberate withdrawal from personal contact probably feels strange to most disciples. No shopping. Food and clothing needs maintained as normal, lest a growling stomach distractContinue reading “Whispers of Silence”

Bless A Child

September 16, 2022 Scripture Resource Passage: Matthew 19:13-15 Seems small. A loaf of bread is weensy compared to tanks and wall-busting missiles. Staunchly refusing to be deterred by size, people are preparing to Bless A Child. You could join. The logo to look for: The connection is not complex. The link is provided and active.Continue reading “Bless A Child”

A Flat Mind

September 9, 2022 Scripture Resource Passage: Romans 12:2 During this week the brain of my body and soul battles a virus. Hopefully this virus, like the others before it, will soon fade. Whenever such invaders blast through my defenses I am dragged to a truthful reminder: ‘Andrew, your brain hosts your mind and when yourContinue reading “A Flat Mind”

The Immediacy of a Child

Friday, August 19, 2022 Scripture Resource Passage: Mark 10:13-16 (please read) Across the western world arguments of personal rights and abortion legislation overflow news reports. Shouting marchers and placard bearers line sidewalks and spill into the streets. Law enforcement continues to be a buffer with little hope of appreciation or thanks from protestors. We areContinue reading “The Immediacy of a Child”

Waiting Under Grass

July 22, 2022 Scripture Resource Passage: Mark 13 (Please do not skip reading the passage) Name, dates of birth and death are cleanly cut into the stone. One word appears beneath the name—Waiting. Shootings blot the American landscape almost every day. Deaths from the guns of evil continue to increase. Children and other innocents areContinue reading “Waiting Under Grass”

Invitations Abounding

May 20, 2022 Scripture Resource Passage: Matthew 22 Yes, the passage is a parable—a story that shapes us. Jesus provides the parable, expressing at least a single emphasis, and possibly other key insights as well. One of those insights is found in these words: “So go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyoneContinue reading “Invitations Abounding”

Bleeding Woman

March 17, 2022 Scripture Resource Passage: Matthew 9 Matthew 9 is busy series of events. Heartfelt stories of compassion, belief and evil. Matthew presents a compelling compendium of pulsating life and truths about Jesus. Note how Matthew 9:1-26 unfolds. First up—During a busy time of personal interactions and group pressure Jesus provides an insight intoContinue reading “Bleeding Woman”

A Christmas Door and His Feet

January 14, 2022 Scripture Resource Passage: Luke 2 During Jesus’ childhood, family-hope and faith revealed themselves through consistent determined practice: “Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover (Luke 2:41 emphasis added). Making the Jerusalem journey was faith’s testimony from Joseph and Mary. Later, and further opening the family’s frontContinue reading “A Christmas Door and His Feet”