Satan’s Messenger Comes, then Flees

April 9, 2021 Scripture Resource Passage: 2 Corinthians 12:7 If only it were as simple as a Halloween evening. If only it were as clear as authors’ and cinema’s foul characters portray. Lon Chaney and Boris Karloff were theatric masters. Their skills sent movie-goers deep into shiver-land; but evil is more pervasive and profound thanContinue reading “Satan’s Messenger Comes, then Flees”

The Imperfect Disciple

Called to Perfection Easter Week 2021, Inaugural Post “Be perfect as I am perfect.” Scripture’s stunning phrases trouble me. Piercing words expressing the true desire of God. Nothing missing. No voids or lapses. Rather completeness, with holiness and wholeness, living as the human being I am meant to be. I should be saturated with theContinue reading “The Imperfect Disciple”

Fools Before Sunrise, The Third Day

April 2, 2021—One day after Fool’s Day Scripture Resource Passage: John 20 During the dark of the moon, looking to the sky on a cloudless night the stars glisten, illuminating faith’s imagination. Only a fool would say, “There is no light.”  It was as it should have been—early dark of the second morning—then, the blazingContinue reading “Fools Before Sunrise, The Third Day”

The Imperfect Disciple

Initial Post Arrives Easter Week, 2021 Perfection? What? Surely you jest. As for my discipleship, life continues to be marked with imperfection. To me and possibly you as well, a series delving into The Imperfect Disciple (TID) is precise and appropriate. Please read along as the series develops, offering comments and suggestions as 2021 flowsContinue reading “The Imperfect Disciple”

Finding Trees and Bunnies

Finding Peace and Joy March 26, 2021 Scripture Resource Passages: Acts 13 and Romans 14 Christmas makes me happy. Great foods, solid memories and most years, family gatherings. As you are aware happiness can be secular, thoroughly crafted by the spirit of the times, not necessarily the Holy Spirit of God.   Around us individualsContinue reading “Finding Trees and Bunnies”

The Imperfect Disciple

Inaugural post arrives Easter Week-April 4, 2021 If you consider yourself spiritually accomplished, more than likely reading or reflecting on posts from The Imperfect Disciple (TID) will not encourage further growth. If, however, your spirituality remains a work in process, please check in, offer suggestions and respond in ways which are meaningful to you. AsContinue reading “The Imperfect Disciple”

Prayer’s Privilege

March 19, 2021 Scripture Resource Passages: Ephesians 1:15-20; 3:14-21 Our prayers for life, liberty and happiness abound. Listen to disciples praying individually or in groups and you will hear prayers for help, support and assistance. Walk through a hospital’s Intensive Care Unit or Emergency Department and the prayers magnify with intensity. Journey through a PediatricContinue reading “Prayer’s Privilege”

A Supreme Court Decision

March 12, 2021   Scripture Resource Passage: John 5:16-30 Lifting up Jesus, raising holy hands and singing, we acknowledge the saving achievement. God’s people are enamored of Him. We celebrate and honor the Father. We desperately seek the Spirit’s movement in our midst; and to Jesus we look for redemption in the supreme court of justice.Continue reading “A Supreme Court Decision”

Justice in the Form of a Person

Coming Friday, March 12, 2021 Trials, impeachments and accusations are often the fodder of frenzied feeding throughout blog sites and other news reports. Accurate? Truthful? Possible? Discerning fact from fabrication (including blatant falsehoods) is not always easy. This week’s post examines the strategy of God for the delivery of final-justice. I look forward to readingContinue reading “Justice in the Form of a Person”