Evil Does Not Persist

Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 20:7-10 A very important, though admittedly challenging passage. Please let me know what you make of it. During today’s troubling hours and in times to come, evil’s foulness will continue. We, the disciples of Christ Jesus sustain faith in many ways including our certain hope: Evil shall not persist!  Evil shallContinue reading “Evil Does Not Persist”

The Hallelujah Chorus

Coming Friday, January 22, 2021–a new post emphasizing the transitory nature of evil. We make no mistake when we acknowledge evil’s true presence. We make a profound error when we assume life as it is now, is what life shall always be. I look forward to completing the post and reading your comments. Stay encouraged.Continue reading “The Hallelujah Chorus”

The “P-word,” Accompanied with Deep Sighs

January 15, 2021 Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 18–this week’s post is meant to be read as an extension of the post from January 8, 2021. Comes The Kingdom, Justice Prevails Disciples of Jesus wait for God and make no mistake, the waiting will be arduous. But wait we must and the days include discipleship’s finalContinue reading “The “P-word,” Accompanied with Deep Sighs”

Ah, the “P-word,” Again

Coming Friday, January 15, 2021–a new post emphasizing the “P-word.” This short piece may provoke pithy and deep sighs. I look forward to your comments and insights. Blessings on your week and lest we forget, please continue to pray for government leadership around the globe. Many, many countries are struggling with oppression and confusion duringContinue reading “Ah, the “P-word,” Again”

Patient Endurance, A Disciple’s Invitation for Turbulent Times

Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 14—of course, please read the passage before, or as you read the post. Thunderous Super-naturals, forceful images amidst dramatic scenes flow from the Book of Revelation—God’s message forecefully proclaimed. During turbulent times disciples of Jesus find revealed truths meant for all of life’s seasons. Accompanying the descriptions of universe-changing events come carefulContinue reading “Patient Endurance, A Disciple’s Invitation for Turbulent Times”

Spiritual Puzzling for 2021

Scripture Resource Passage: Revelation 11 As always, please the Scripture passage first and maybe even, again at the end of reading the post. You don’t want to be lost or lured into the inadequacies of my mind or any else’s. My confession: Numerous passages in the Bible leave me puzzling. Three puzzles always show upContinue reading “Spiritual Puzzling for 2021”

Spiritual Puzzling for 2021

Coming Friday, January 1, 2021 Please accept my invitation to gain puzzling-perspective amid persistent particular problematic potentials for the New Year. Lest I forget: Thank you for improving the posts and the site itself by joining into the conversation with your comments. Though we’re limited to an online community I trust you’ll find strong encouragementContinue reading “Spiritual Puzzling for 2021”

God of Surprises; Beyond Exhaustion

Scripture Resource Passages: Luke 2 and Hebrews 12:1-2 Jesus has come! Hallelujah and Amen! Alpha and Omega moves toward humanity but without revelation’s thunder. Yes, He comes in the form of an infant. How odd of the God Who remains, the Lord of Surprises. Jesus arrives in a fashion we could not imagine. God providesContinue reading “God of Surprises; Beyond Exhaustion”