Finding Trees and Bunnies

Finding Peace and Joy

March 26, 2021

Scripture Resource Passages: Acts 13 and Romans 14

Christmas makes me happy. Great foods, solid memories and most years, family gatherings. As you are aware happiness can be secular, thoroughly crafted by the spirit of the times, not necessarily the Holy Spirit of God.  

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Around us individuals and families sang White Christmas with Frank, Bing or Burl (yes, I am an old guy); however, Christmas for some carried no connection with acknowledging the birth of the Anointed One. Easter/Resurrection day is a similar reality. Are they happy? Yes.

Extremely joyful because of Jesus well, not necessarily.

The Scripture Resource passages cited in this post are words from our brothers Luke and Paul. They are not records of Christmas or Easter celebrations but point to truthful realities of great joy. The passages do not include recipes for excellent food. There are no picturesque scenes with Christmas trees or bunnies. Yet, there is abounding joy through the presence of the Spirit. Check them out–poignant emotions and passionate joy are precisely recorded in the two passages.

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High level and deeply intense words of spiritual resonance abound in Scripture’s record describing early adopters of The Way. Both Acts 13:42-52 and Romans 14:13-18 provide clear accounts of troubling conflict contrasting with spiritual presence. First century disciples were not dealing with a pandemic; they were, however, experiencing crushing struggles. You can read the words for yourself and please do not miss the conclusion of the cited paragraphs.


Acts 13:42-52

  • The disciples were urged
  • The disciples encountered jealousy
  • A disciple had abuse heaped upon him
  • Some disciples spoke boldly
  • Some disciples were glad and were honored
  • Some disciples encountered artificially stirred up crowds
  • Some disciples encountered persecution
  • Some disciples were finding and filled with joy and the Holy Spirit

Romans 14:13-18

  • Some disciples experienced internal church strife and judgment
  • Some disciples experienced distress
  • Some disciples were in a figure of speech, having their faith destroyed
  • Some disciples were finding peace and joy in the Holy Spirit

Life Application

  • During stress-filled times, how does the Spirit find you?

I look forward to seeing your suggestions and comments. Thank you for reading.

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Dr. Andrew Simkins provides spiritual direction for individuals and small groups through the regular blog posts found on this site. He resides in northwest Indiana with his beloved, along with nearby children and grandchildren who are the adornment of his life.

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